Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013, Kevin G. Der


Decent Monday theme and Monday puzzle. Nice nod to EDNA (19A: ___ Krabappel of "The Simpsons") who (Marcia Wallace) died recently. And the clue for PSIS (10A: Greek letters resembling tridents) in that same area was a nice change from a plain old "Greek letters," or the like. SIDEBENEFIT (11D: Secondary advantage) was a nice 11-letter entry, and the symmetrical 8s weren't bad either. My favorite of those was probably EXPELLED (9D: Kicked out).

All the bumper sticker starters were perfectly acceptable. We've all seen all of those.

Lots of little nuisances in the grid, with MITE, GNAT and ANTS, but no real complaints.

- Horace


  1. 8 mins.
    Funny that you refer to those words as nuisances. I assume it's intended. Yes, a good Monday, I thought. I may have clued 43A Chapel Hill sch. (UNC) as something more interesting, like "Familiar name for a relative" or something. One just fills it right in with the given clue. I also liked the nod to Ms. Krabappel, as well as the stack of ALOHA and MILAN, allusions to two of my favorite places. I believe I've seen IBEX quite a bit lately, but that could be in the Worcester Telegram puzzles.

    1. Shocking.

      And yes, I didn't really think of the bugs as nuisance fill… I was trying to be funny, but perhaps I should either try harder or not at all.

  2. 7:24 (because I had LikE instead of LOVE. Should have figured out that kIPER wasn't a venomous snake). I liked that JAM and JAR nearly bookended the puzzle.