Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013, Adam G. Perl


Decent Monday. Tons of theme material and all of the long answers from which the theme was pulled were perfectly un-strained, normal constructions. The fill was really quite clean despite the 45 theme squares, but then, in early-week puzzles, I often find things like ANIL (7D: Indigo dye) and ANAT (54D: Med. school subj.) almost comforting. Truly, though, that was about it for crosswordese, and there was plenty of good stuff to cushion it, like CODDLE (45D: Treat like a baby), ERELONG (9D: Soon, old-style), OXYGEN (27A: Scuba tank content), and INERTIA (42D: Subject of Newton's first law of motion), among others.

Funny that we see the uncommon (and prudely clued) AREOLA (28A: Colored part of the iris) today, when we just saw AREOLE (38A: Biological ring) yesterday. And we've got side-by-side French fill in IDEES (35D: Notions: Fr.) and GARDE (36D: En ____ (fencer's cry)), and they're right below another language pair - VOGUE (12D: Style) and ESSEN (13D: City on the Ruhr).

This is just what a Monday ought to be. A simple cakewalk, to be sure, but one that's got a fun theme and not too much ridiculous fill. Nice job, Mr. Perl.

- Horace


  1. 4:08. A real cakewalk. I got all the long clues in about 10 seconds after filling in 1A. I particularly liked TENON. ANEGG was a fine finish to "Lay ____ (bomb)". Hardly any Scrabble points, except the X in OXYGEN. Fun Monday.

  2. 7:11
    Very quick romp through this one. I didn't slow down at all filling this in (though it seemed to take me a bit longer than you two). There were no obvious REDHERRINGS today, though I didn't immediately know 16A Grandson of Eve (ENOS) without the crosses.

  3. I found the theme rather ridiculous. Made for too easy a puzzle, even for a Monday. One clue impressed me: "Nothing doing" for IDLE. When OXYGEN, CODDLE, and INERTIA pass for quality longer entries, you know you have a clunker.

  4. Oh! Frannie loved "Nothing doing" too. Thanks for mentioning it.