Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014, David Steinberg


It was a struggle getting started, as it often is on a Saturday, and I was starting to despair, but FACEPALM (41A: Nonverbal equivalent of "You have got to be kidding me!") made us start to really enjoy this puzzle. IFIDIDIT (36D: 2007 book subtitled "Confessions of the Killer") looks great with all the Is, and it's especially nice that ITISI (55A: Formal identification) comes right off of it. We also enjoyed the "false revealer" "51A: Like 36 of this puzzle's answers" (ACROSS). Very nice.

It's a juicy puzzle, if you'll allow me to use that word. Tons of Zs, Xs (or should that be XES (62D: One side in some chalk talks)?), Js, Vs... and the elevens in the NW and SE are all quite nice. TIJUANATAXI (17A: Cop car, to a CBer) is amusing, and everyone loves (SASHAFIERCE (67A: BeyoncĂ© alter ego)). We think that TAXONOMISTS (60A: Professional organizers?) didn't need the question mark, but it's lovely fill, so we'll forgive that.

We had "cOiF" for POUF (31A: High style of the 1700s) for a long time, which made the NE difficult to finish. Slowly, though, things started to fall. I guess we've heard of MEGANFOX (14D: "Transformers" actress, 2007), and, ok, SEAROUTE (13D: Circumnavigator's way), fine. I say again, tough corner.

In other areas, ERASER (48D: Thing taken to a slip) was good, and 43A: Cannes neighbors (ENS)... got us again! 33D: Bow no longer shot (CLARA) is lovely, and ASPERSE (22D: Impugn) is a great word.

Frannie didn't like the product placement - (ZANTAC (49D: Ulcer treater) & ADOBEREADER (15A: It has a Page Navigation menu option) & BANANAGRAMS (1A: Fast-paced alternative to Scrabble) & UGGBOOTS (12D: Wear that was one of "Oprah's Favorite Things" four times), but overall, we thought this a very nice Saturday.

- Horace


  1. An outstanding Saturday, untimed, finished with my mother. My first entry was MEGANFOX! It took me some time to finish the NE even so. I got ____SEX, but couldn't remember the adjective until I got another letter. TERZETTO is simply a lovely word to see in the grid. The SE was pretty easy with SASHAFIERCE providing the entry. I also had MURDOCH: I just organized our library and saw A Severed Head as I was alphabetizing. The C gave me EJECTORSEAT. Fun! Didn't like SAV or ARNEL, but those are my only two complaints really. LAVATORY made me giggle. All around a topnotch puzzle.

  2. 87 mins. in order to DNF
    I know MEGANFOX, but just couldn't fill in the SW. 38D Simple winds (OCARINAS) and 36D 2007 book subtitled "Confessions of the Killer" (IFIDIDIT) had me stumped. I'm also not too familiar with ILOVELA. However, TIJUANATAXI was great, and CLARA Bow (hidden capital) was, indeed, excellent. A good puzzle, and but for a few squares that just wouldn't fall for me, I'd have had it!

  3. I'm rather surprised that you didn't know IFIDIDIT, Huygens. I thought you listened to talk radio? Isn't OJ just the sort of thing they talk about on talk radio? Oh, what do I know of it?...