Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014, Elizabeth A. Long


An odd theme of "DOT" appearing over the letter I in certain places. Is there anything more? Am I missing something?

Enjoyed the clue for ADAM (4A: First of all), but thought it should have had a question mark, since it assumes belief in an unsubstantiated book. 14A: Speaker's aid (ANECDOTE) was also nice. CANOEIST (17A: Paddle pusher), DICERS (21A: Kitchen gizmos) and UNBELT (42A: Start to take off one's pants, say) (my goodness, especially UNBELT) were less good. I saw that last one coming and I refused to enter it fully until it was forced upon me. And can someone explain why VAN is clued with 46A: Lead?

I don't know, it just seemed kind of blah. ONAN (2D: ____ incline (tilted))... ADE (4D: Suffix with orange). Blah. DAPS (51D: Fist-bumps)? Really? Daps? OK, so I guess I learned something new that I will never, ever use in conversation. BORZOI (43D: Russian wolfhound) is crazy, learned that today, too.

I liked PLATTE (62A: River to the Missouri), because I tend to enjoy geography, and RATCHET (10D: Wheel with sloped teeth) and FEUDAL (23D: Like England in the Middle Ages) (Frannie got this immediately) are nice words, but there was just too much junk in here for it to be truly enjoyable. DRU (61D: "____ Hill," 1996 platinum album). Did anyone get that without all the crosses? I mean anyone at all? Is putting the word "dot" over the letter I really worth all this?

- Horace


  1. 14:06. I too was looking for more in the theme. I didn't even see the DOTs over the Is until I read your entry. VAN is being used as in vanguard, thus in the lead. There was much not to like, but I did enjoy 34A (What some waiters never see?): GODOT. That's nice. CATSUP was also well clued (Hunt product, hidden capital!). Also noted, quite a few unnecessary black squares and an unhappy shape to the puzzle. All told, poor for a Thursday.

  2. GODOT and CATSUP were both good, but I refuse to accept VAN as an acceptable shortening of vanguard. Since when? and by whom?

  3. 35:22
    I didn't mind this one. I also enjoyed CATSUP and 29D Turn (SPOIL). For some reason I starred 31D Make sense (ADDUP). Maybe that one took me awhile to get. LARSON was nice to see and until I noticed the theme I couldn't, for the life of me, finish 60A "I'm not the only one!" (YOUDOTOO). I had all but the "DO" but couldn't come up with it. Go figure. And no, Horace, I did not get DRU without every cross.