Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014, Victor Flemming



Frannie likes an old-movie theme, and even though these weren't the most recognizable old titles (with a couple notable exceptions, of course), it was still ok. She says, though, that it's like the "Golden Globes" puzzle - it was ok, but it ain't the Oscars. And speaking of the Oscars, shouldn't this have been run next week? They must have something big in store.

I was put off by the dual affront of ROBERTS (1A: Bush judicial appointee) and ALITO (15A: Bush judicial appointee). I know Roberts cast "the deciding vote" (a ridiculous term) on health care, but I'm still not convinced he's a decent guy.

SOLIPSIST (60A: Self-absorbed sort) was pretty, and it's an added bonus that "egomanIac" fits in the same space. RIPOSTE (126A: Comeback) is fancy, and I liked the modernity of BAILS (37D: Gives up, in slang) and EATIT (125A: Suffer humiliation, in slang), but overall, the puzzle seemed a little flat. NTESTS (78A: 2000s events in the North Korea, for short), DYER (58A: Colorist), ERE (92A: Odist's preposition)... I guess it's kind of a nice clue for LEI (99A: Award for Miss Hawaii, in addition to a tiara), but all in all, kind of a bland Sunday.

- Horace


  1. Untimed. I made it through, but it wasn't much fun. Had a hard time getting VICTORFLEMING because I'd entered cPu for EPA (Green monitor, for short?). I thought it was clever. Nine theme answers, with nice symmetry of LORDJIM and REDDUST. Otherwise, CARSTEREO and STUDENTID were nice nine letter answers. Did not like ORNOT, ARRS, or TAROTS (a weird plural that's never used natually). And you forgot the completer of the unholy triad, the brother of Bush.

  2. ~1:00
    I was thinking along the lines of a lizard for the monitor clue. EPA was a good answer. I only recognized a few of the movies, but enjoyed the puzzle. I didn't star anything, but being in the LAJOLLA area at the time, I enjoyed seeing that, and any time that I see JOANOFARC I think fondly of Leelee Sobieski, somewhat of a BOMBSHELL. FTROOP appropriately crossed with [The] TEMPEST, both being masterpieces, and the other cross of two great characters - URIAH [Heep] and RHODA - was a nice touch.