Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014, Michael Dewey

D. N. F.

Frannie and I each did this puzzle separately, and we each had the same mistake - IsIS for IBIS (16A: Object of ancient Egyptian veneration). 10D: Japanese P.M. Shinzo (ABE) was no help. Tough luck.

Didn't love TEHEE (33D: Titter), and we've never heard of 18A: "Maria _____," 1941 #1 hit (ELENA), but that's about it. The theme was enjoyable, and there was some quality non-fill. DIPHTHONG (9D: "Oy" or "ow") is lovely, IMPIETY (43D: Ungodly display) is solid, and THERMOS (5D: Lunchbox accessory) takes me back, and even though we never had the game, everyone loves 34A: "Hungry hungry" game creatures (HIPPOS).

The first three theme clues were, I thought, quite good. 51A: Motivational words for a boss at layoff time? (READYAIMFIRE), didn't seem quite right. Or at least not as funny. The startling repetition of a word in the grid - SIR - is a nice addition to the military theme.

So it was a pretty good Wednesday, we were just stumped by the one square. DNF sounds so... I don't know, so bad. Let's call it a FWOE - "Finished With One Error." How's that?

- Horace

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  1. Untimed (~30 mins.)
    I did this one on valium and vodka while awaiting boarding. I’d heard of Shinzo Abe, so I was able to get IBIS (otherwise I, too, may have chosen IsIS). Since I am a former military person, I enjoyed the theme, especially the SIR YES SIR. The other theme answers were good, and the fill was quality. I didn’t think that “Thinker” needed to be added to the Descartes clue, however. I enjoyed 51A Motivational words for a boss at layoff time? (READYAIMFIRE) the most out of the theme clue/answers. Tricky. For some reason, perhaps the aforementioned drug/alcohol cocktail, I starred 63A Bob of “Full House” (SAGET) and 54D Kind of screen (IMAX). I can’t think now of a reason why either one would have been starred.