Friday, December 8, 2023

Friday, December 8, 2023, Robert Logan

Whew! Zipped right through this one. Not my fastest Friday time ever, but when I'm below 5 minutes, I know that the constructor and I were on the same wavelength.

1D: [So what?] (SHRUG) was my entry, with BONUS leading right into BRICKYARD. That made the entire west side fall quickly. It's a great set of long answers, with NOAPOLOGIES and WANNAMAKEABET. I still use the movie poster from COMA in a lecture I give on the examination of the unresponsive patient. You can usually track what medical science has made possible by looking at thrillers. In the 1970s, advances led to people in comatose states being kept alive much longer. Could it be that the medical establishment is doing it to make money? Read the book and find out!

50A: What old memories often cause (SENIORMOMENTS) is not talking about the nostalgia from recalling older times, but rather the difficulties from an aged rememberer. Hah! 39D: Barely run (STREAK) is another great clue. See how both of these have no need of a question mark.


I filled in the middle next. It's a really solid 5 x 5 chunk, with excellent answers. The two words that have to end in vowels are MARIA and HINDI, both very solid and gettable words. And the excellent QMC at 20D: Ones helping players get a round? (CADDIES) is fun. 

I finished up counterclockwise up the east side and back to the north. I often find this to be the case, that I end where I started in these more challenging puzzles. 11D: Drawers on chests, maybe (TATTOOARTISTS) is clever, and PARTYTRICKS is another good answer. Because GOYA was such a gimme, I didn't have too much trouble with this side either.

8D: Defenses are prepared for them (THESES) was an answer I only got by getting the crosses. I did not see that coming. Fun and quick Friday themeless.

- Colum

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