Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013, Adam Prince


Ahem, ahem, is this thing on??? Frannie here, commenting on New York Times Crossword Puzzle 20130325. At first, the acrosses in this puzzle nearly KILT me. But, after I met up with a few CLUES that were real RUMS, I became unBLOCked. ATNO time, did I think I wouldn't finish, but, at first, I failed to meet my personal QUOTA of easy answers for a Monday puzzle. But, once I got to KANGAROOCOURT, I said to myself, IMONAROLL and I sank the rest of them like HOOKSHOTS into a five foot basket. The theme neither helped nor hindered me, but I did need to review the OCEAN of themed answers to get 37A: Title that can precede the starts of 17-, 23-, 49-, and 59-Across. COOKBOOKS didn't do it for me, but THEN I looked at MORGANFREEMAN, and "KABOOM," I was CAPTAIN of that ship.* Now, I'm going to get some ALES and GUACAMOLE. Peace out. 

*The above review was constrained by my wish to use a bunch of the answers from the puzzle in the review itself. It in no way reflects my real thoughts about the puzzle. - F.


  1. Great review, Frances. My own time was 10:27 for this one. It helped that I figured out the theme immediately after KANGAROOCOURT so I was able to quickly get the other long clues. Now...YoHoHo and on to Tuesday!

  2. A little more difficult (7:13) and a little more fun than your average Monday. Somewhat surprised to see SCREWIT in a NYT crossword. I like it, though. I don't like ASLAN. Didn't I just comment on that sad bit of crosswordese? Also, I know this is a Monday, but couldn't they come up with a better clue for OCEAN than "Atlantic or Pacific"?? How about "'Caribbean Queen' vocalist," or something. And what about "May honoree"? Gee, I wonder what that could be? Still, as I said, I did like this puzzle. Any effort with Captain Kangaroo, Big Mac, and Ernie is all right with me.