Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013, Jeff Chen


Starting with the across clues, I didn't fill in a single thing until IRE (23A: Furor), and I wasn't positive about that one, but then the little stuff started to trickle in. LON (26A: First name in horror), and AHI (28A: Yellowfin tuna, on menus). After that, the bottom half went pretty quickly, with long gimmes like TENORSAX (35D: John Coltrane played it), and IPROMISE (38D: "You have my word!").

I enjoyed quite a lot in this puzzle. Has OHHELL (22A: "Crud!") ever appeared before in a puzzle, I wonder? Loved that whole NE corner. Great clues on SABERS and TALLER, and finally my drinking is starting to pay off, as even ASAHI (16D: Japanese beer brand) was easy with just a letter or two.

As you probably know by now, I enjoy related clues like (22D: Census form option) / (32D: Census datum), and (49D: Kobe ___) after the LeBron/Kobe clue at 12D, and SAFE (18D: Jewel box?) / (42: Jewel boxes) CDCASES.

So much good stuff in here. I even enjoyed the subtle theme, described by STIRFRIES (59A: Wok dishes) (each theme answer ended with an anagram of FRIES). I must admit, I liked it so much that I finished before even handing it over to Frannie! Tomorrow, she gets first crack at the Friday. IPROMISE.

- Horace


  1. This one took 33:37 for me. I'll work on Friday's next. I may skip the ones later in the week for now until I'm accustomed to this type of puzzle, which is far different from the others in my regular rotation. I didn't notice the theme until reading your post. Excellent. I'll have to keep more alert for such things in the future.

  2. The weekend you're coming into we found particularly challenging, with Sunday being the most fun of the three, and a tad easier than the others, as is normal.

    As for the theme, I only started to look for/notice such things after reading Rex Parker's puzzle blog (see sidebar).

  3. Fairly easy Thursday. Here's a little TMI for you: I did the entire thing on the upstairs toilet between about 12:25 and 12:45. Didn't see the theme until it was all done. Nice.

  4. As Frannie said, "I can't un-know that."