Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013 - Tim Croce

This puzzle was TOOEASY for us (67A) except for SLATY (52D) "Dull blue-gray" and YOGIC (21D) "Like some meditative exercises." Every where else it was more of a fill-in-the-blanks exercise. Tricky of President and Michelle Obama to give 5-letter names to both their daughters White House Girl (43A), but not tricky enough to stop this train. ONELLAMA (54A) "'He's a priest,' per Ogden Nash" is great fill, but it was in another puzzle very recently. What's up with that? So, while this puzzle was not the APOGEE (47D) of toughness, the inclusion of OUIDA and VASCODAGAMA raised it above the DUMBDORA level, I think.

- Frannie

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  1. 10:31
    It's nice to see a commentary from Frannie. I enjoyed the puzzle. I agree that it's tricky with Malia and Sasha both having five letters, but like you, I wasn't slowed too much because of it. Love the Nash reference, and the reference to McGruff the Crime Dog. CLASSA was good and I love RADIODRAMAs, though I have to say that I prefer detective stories. Anyway, not bad.

    (You'll note that I've not yet commented on Saturday or Sunday since I'm still working on them. I've decided to keep looking back at them instead of giving up just yet.)