Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013, Josh Knapp


Technically, a DNF, but really, we did finish, but we had an error. Shouldn't there be a slightly mitigated title for that sort of thing? DNFC (Did Not Finish Correctly?), or DNFCUBIOAEBNTEW (Did Not Finish Correctly Until Being Informed Of An Error But Not Told Exactly Where?... ok, maybe that's a little cumbersome.) I mean, we eventually figured it out, but it took about twenty-five minutes for us to discover that CHACO (48A: New Mexico's ____ Canyon) isn't spelled Chaqa. The Q is sort of understandable, maybe, but I don't know how Frannie let my misspelling of WONTONS (44D: Soup dumplings) stand for so long.

Other than that, we liked the puzzle just fine. Decent theme, and some fun clues and answers. Liked seeing ROFL (46D: Modern response to hilarity) in there, and COPIOUS (2D: Plentiful), EXISTENT (6D: In the real world), INSTEAD (22D: Alternatively), and AMIDST (47D: In), are all semi-normal words that are not often included in puzzles. At least not in my limited experience. SCREWIT (38D: "Forget that!") was unusual, and NITWITS (21A: Mental lightweights) was nice.

MELVIN (8D: Director Van Peebles), 50A: "American Pie" actress Tara (REID), and SAOTOME (12D: Island off the Gabonese coast) are all only vaguely familiar, but that's ok, I guess. You can't know everything.

- Horace


  1. 30:15
    No, you can't know everything. I had a few missteps along the way. Originally I opted for EQUATOR instead of ECUADOR, but then saw the error of my ways. I liked 3D Like monastery life AUSTERE and frankly had not heard of ROFL, but I assume it translates to Rolling On Floor Laughing. I enjoyed the puzzle theme. What did Frances think of 54D Linked KNIT? Seems like something she'd like. Anyway, this was a good time for a Thursday puzzle. I expect one with a "rebus" any time now to bring that into the two hour range.

  2. That is a good time for a Thursday. I will say that sometimes our times might get a little skewed by one of us taking the puzzle and looking at it for a while and then falling asleep with it, usually after mistakenly entering several Rs into places where they probably don't go. I'm not saying whether or not that happened today, but let's just say it sometimes happens. Also, as I mentioned, we spent a lot of time looking for our mistake. Sometimes you'll have that.

    Anyway, I find it somewhat incredible that you haven't run across ROFL at one time or another. How soon, do you think, until we see WTF in a puzzle?

    - Horace

    p.s. I'll ask Frannie about 54D.

  3. I tend to doubt that we'd ever see anything alluding to foul language in the puzzle, don't you? WTF would be quite surprising.

  4. Frannie likes KNIT in all its forms, except TINK - kidding! Really, she likes it in all its forms except when it refers to healing bones, 'cause that's kind of gross. Well, it's good that it happens, but gross to think too much about it in action. Probably thinking too much about this whole thing...