Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013, Paula Gamache


An interesting puzzle. Frannie was bothered by AGLARE, AFLOW, APLOT, ALEVEL, and others, and I tend to dislike brand names (PURELL, AFLAC, PIELS), FELID (34A: Member of the cat family) is somewhat painful, and it felt a little heavy on the awkward small stuff, but even with all those complaints, I still came out with an ok feeling about the puzzle. I didn't love it, but I think it was kind of a cool idea.

Some of the clueing was nice. 38A: Gray head? (LEE) took us a while to figure out even after we had all the letters (Think "Civil War"). 61D: Short winter holiday? (XMAS) was cryptic-ish. And we liked seeing LUMMOX in there. I'm going to have to look up 58A: Clodhopper, as I wasn't really sure of that word before. One of Frannie's favorites was 68A: Look like a creep (LEER).

Again, the theme was cool, and we liked the symmetrical HULAS and ALOHA. Some good stuff, some bad stuff. How's that for thorough, critical insight?

- Horace

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  1. 29:09
    I’d not heard of LEI DAY, but maybe we’ll be there some day for it. That would probably be a nice way to spend May Day. I enjoyed my birthday puzzle, especially (outside of the HI theme) LEE and LUMMOX and didn't mind the brand names or all of the answers starting with "A." I didn't like FELID too much, but one can't complain, can one?