Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013, Joe DiPietro

That Girl

How many wheelhouses can a person have? Today, I found another one. I went from 1A. Monopolizer (HOG) to 96D. "Luck be a Lady" composer/lyricist (LOESSER) with nary a snag. I might even call the puzzle ABREEZE (95D. Something as easy as pie). The first theme answer I came to 23A. Confiscate a chef's appetizer? (SEIZEHERSALAD) went right in and turned out to be my favorite of the set. I've been accused in the past of having a penchant for the blue material, which may explain why I couldn't help thinking that most of the theme answers could be described by Horace's new term as "Huygens material," especially RUBHERCHICKEN and COUNTHERPARTS. In fact, I would not be surprised if today's solvers got 18A. Hot and bothered (ALLUPSET) by the raciness of the content. I thought LICKHERBOTTLE and JUMPHERCABLES were rather strong. Some may say I am taking this blue material thing too far, but I didn't find 104A. Asian holidays (TETS) the least bit offensive.

There were a few favorites amongst the fill. The best of which, IMHO, are 45A. Old Roman well (BENE), 65A. Feu fighter? (EAU) and 7D. Barely moves? (STREAKS). Ha! There's that Huygens material again. And who doesn't love any reference to 27A. Charles Nelson __, old game show staple (REILLY)? Did I already say this puzzle was right in my wheelhouse?



  1. RIght on base as usual, Frannie. I found this one smooth sailing from the get-go, 20 minutes and out. Feu fighter was definitely excellent.

  2. Fran, I was thinking the exact same thing about "Huygens material." Terrific stuff! I greatly enjoyed this one, even though I guess it was slightly slower going for me than for you two.

  3. 51:31
    A good time for me for a Sunday. Yes, Frannie: great, as you say, Huygens material. RUBHERCHICKEN was the most suggestive and racy, but I did enjoy LICKHERBOTTLE, CHECKHERBOARD and TET, too. You really said it all in your excellent review.