Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013, Patrick Blindauer


This was a good one, I thought, with lots of fun clues. EASEL (47D: Sitting stand), IRE (8D: Pique condition?), and OWS (22D: Punch lines?) to name just a few. Oh, and let's not forget 38A: Part of a stable diet (OATS). That might have been my favorite!

The theme wasn't bad either. Not terribly exciting, but a nice enough word chain running from "warm" to "cold." Frannie wondered if this puzzle was published now to coincide with the coming change in the weather - although it's going to be a scorcher today in Boston, they say. The theme "containers," if you will, were all decent enough. Again, the clue for MATERNITYWARD (23A: Birth place) was clever, and for some reason I really liked the contrast between an exciting clue "47A: A fan might need one," and the mundane answer EXTENSIONCORD.

We've seen two grids by Blindauer now. The first was one of my favorites of the year ("Double Feature"). This one isn't up in that category, but it's clean and fun, and really, what more can one ask of a puzzle?

- Horace


  1. I really don't think I'm too jaded, but this one was just mediocre. The "theme" was really a non-starter for me. Great, I can change one letter at a time and get from WARM to COLD. And let me circle these four-letter words at the ends of longer words or phrases just so you can see how clever I am. Blah. The four entries you mention in the first paragraph were good. I also really liked ""Trouble spots." I can ask for more pizzazz in the longer answers, that's what.

  2. 15 mins.
    I agree with englishteacher59. When I realized what was going on, which happened quickly, I also thought "Blah." However, I did put a star by 15A Word before dog or dance (LAP). Very racy, indeed! And I enjoyed 44D The Eagle that landed, e.g. (LEM). I did NOT like 21A Number of drummers drumming, in song (DOZEN), because it's never referred to as a "dozen" drummers, EVER.

  3. Huygens, Frannie hated that DOZEN answer, too.