Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013, Bruce R. Sutphin


A pretty fun Friday. Some nice stuff, like TRAPEZE (26D: Bar that's set very high), ENCAMPS (37D: Does some outdoor pitching), CHUNNEL (15A: Very long European link), and others. Got tricked in a few places - for example, I tried "Bon Jovi" for 1A: Hall-of-Fame rock band or its lead musician (SANTANA), and I had "You Tube" at first for 8A: It sends out lots of streams (NETFLIX), but once the downs started dropping in, those were fixed up.

The NW was where we ended today. I got tricked on one of my favorite kinds of clues: 5D: Mediums for dummies, say, Abbr. (ANAG). Sheesh! That's another good one of those! But even though we got hung up in a few places, nothing seemed too terribly hard. I'm not familiar with the EURE river or department, but those crosses going through it were so good that I hardly noticed it at all. TORNADO (43D: What might take up residence?) and SPEEDOS (44D: Truncated trunks?) are both quality material.

Overall, quite enjoyable.

- Horace

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  1. 60 mins.
    In addition to the gems mentioned by Horace, I enjoyed 41A Noodle taxers? (IQTESTS) and 30D Display on a red carped (GLITZ). There were lots of great, tricky clues in here, like 14D Duped (XEROXED) - who'd have thought of that? The pairing of ALIMONY and DIVORCE was good, and I'm always happy to be reminded of AHITUNA (2D Sashimi staple). But SCALDED milk threw me for a loop for awhile, as did 8A It sends out lots of streams (NETFLIX). Also, my preferred spelling of AMOEBAS was a welcome sight. This was a nicely challenging, but doable, puzzle for a Friday. Thumbs up.