Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013, Elizabeth C. Gorski



A few months ago, I was listening to my Doc Watson channel on Pandora when a version of "Hard Travelling" came on. I heard the line "I've been walking that Lincoln Highway, I thought you knowed," and I thought to myself, "What is the Lincoln Highway?" I looked it up, and read all about it on Wikipedia, and I noticed that this year is the 100th anniversary of its creation. I said to myself that I should create a crossword puzzle to commemorate it. Well, Ms. Gorski beat me to it!

I got the theme very quickly, and the long 21-letter answers came easily enough. The last one was a nice touch, with the answer running from east to west. I kept trying to jam Times Square and Lincoln Park in there, but it never worked out.

The rest of the fill was ok. A fair amount of crosswordsy stuff, but it seems like there was a ton of theme material, so I suppose that was somewhat necessary.

We've been away, and this is late already, so I won't linger over it. Decent enough. Nice theme.

- Horace


  1. 1:19:07
    The theme didn't come quite as easily to me, but I got it eventually, and then all but the final theme answer made sense. I had no idea what TSAOCOTTSAOCMORFSLEVART could possibly mean, but all of the crosses made sense, so I kept it. Of course, I was able to see it after awhile and thought it quite brilliant. I thought that maybe Frannie would have known Anne Bronte's pseudonym, but other than that I didn't star anything. Sue's due home any minute, so I will not linger, either, as I've two more puzzles on which to comment.

  2. Frannie did, of course, know the pseudonym. I did not.

  3. I liked the two Motorola phones, and I found the nearness of TOM to LINGO almost a reference to Horace. I really liked the east-to-west clue, which took me a while to believe I was right when I had TTSAOCM in the middle.

  4. Hah! I hadn't noticed that, Hope. (or Colum)