Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013, Paula Gamache


I tend to enjoy this kind of jokey wordplay theme. JUMPATTHECHANTS (58A: Be startled by singing monks?), is maybe my favorite, and PRINTSOFTHIEVES (17A: What Ali Baba found on the treasure in the cave?) is my least. It's clever, but wouldn't the treasure be gone?

Decent enough fill, I guess. You've got your OONAs and your OBEs and stuff like POLI and ELEV, but, well, it's fine. The crossing of AIDAN (14A: Actor Quinn) and ADIN (3D: Deuce follower) is interesting, and we've got both GIG (24D: Booking) and GIGI (54A: Lerner/Loewe musical set in Paris), and TMEN (51D: Eliot Ness and others) and TBIRD (31D: Car mentioned in the Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun"), which is a little weird. Is that kind of thing intentional? or just coincidence? I'm gonna go with intentional.

Favorite clue/answer: 49A: You'll need to take steps to get to it (ATTIC). Nice.

It wasn't my favorite ever, but you won't hear any BOOING from me. A decent Wednesday.

- Horace

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  1. 19 mins.
    I put a star by 42A In need of some manscaping, say (HAIRY) thinking of both ET59 and that Frannie might not like that one. I also starred 32D Hot, like a hunk (SEXY) thinking that it was both somewhat weak and that Frannie might like that one. I'd originally put gMEN in for 51D, but ATgIC didn't work. My favorite long answer was 27A Sign of a failed practice? (LOSINGPATIENTS). Another weak one was 34A ____ trap (LINT). I'd have clued it with the word "innie" involved somehow.