Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013, Robyn Weintraub


We both quite enjoyed this one, and this time, instead of doing it together, we did it one after another. (The iPad Mini grid can be cleared once it's filled in.)

It seems we've seen a similar theme before, but it was still entertaining, especially SORRYOTHELLO (48A: What a remorseful Iago might have said). We were chuckling about that one for quite a while.

We also enjoyed the clues for ARIA (16A: Gershwin's "Summertime" is one), LIAR (30D: "That is so not true!")(my favorite "quote" clue in a long while), and IOU (25A: Note in a poker pot). GOODCOP (46D: Half a police interrogation team, maybe) was good all around, and "26D: Shot to the solar plexus sound" (OOF) was hilarious. I don't know, they just seemed refreshingly different.

There was no challenge today, but ELATE (51D: Make up?) was tricky, and I put in "Tick" instead of TOCK for 56D: Clock sound.

Is this Prince GEORGE's (43A: New British royal of 2013) first inclusion in a puzzle, I wonder?

Overall, a clean, enjoyable Wednesday. I'll let ETH and HOS go. This time.

- Horace


  1. Another very quick but untimed pot job. Did not think the theme was that great, especially did not like the inclusion of Twister, since the others are all board games. I know I have seen almost that exact clue for ARIA before, but I agree about all of the others in that paragraph. Favorite is GOODCOP, but would have preferred the clue without "police." How far is the Times from cluing 4-Down as "Working women, slangily," I wonder? Maybe I'll try it in the puzzle I submit to old Willie. "Uttered, as a farewell" was quite sharp, wasn't it? I'll end with a somewhat random observation: I enjoyed seeing CUTLET, for some reason.

  2. 15 mins.
    I think that ET59 has an acceptable (to Shortz) cluing for 4D. It certainly passes muster with Huygens. A game is a game, board or not. Let's not get too picky. I don't remember seeing PUENTE before in a grid, and I thought that SAUTE (15A Brown, in a way) was a nice clue/answer. Horace, I don't remember seeing GEORGE in any of the puzzles that I do. Anyway, I didn't star any of the answers today, though maybe I should have done so with 3D High-pitched group with a 1958 #1 hit, with "the" (CHIPMUNKS), which seems to predate us all.