Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014, Barry C. Silk


A decent Saturday challenge. Enjoyed the clue for BONSAI (33A: Small job for a gardener?), AMARYLLIS (52A: Girl in "The Music Man"" with a floral name) is lovely fill, and I liked MANUAL (8D: Stick) (Frannie and I still drive one). The intersecting nine-stacks in the NE and SW are filled with some pretty good stuff. I think my favorite set is the IONIANSEA (12D: Where Syracuse is a port)/ ONINYEARS (13D: Elderly)/ NECTARINE (14D: Relative of ocher) threesome. The other "47D: Relative of ocher" clue didn't seem quite as fair, since a TOPAZ can be pretty much any color.

This wasn't the most beautiful Barry Silk puzzle that we've seen (didn't love SHAK, OLEIC, ASE… and ALLES (40A: Über ____) and HEBREW (41A: Origin of the word "behemoth") are strange bedfellows alone on one line, aren't they? Especially with the two black crosses in the grid. I know, I'm definitely over thinking it…), but it wasn't bad. Oh, except for CRAZYBONE (16A: Something you shouldn't knock?). That's called the funny bone, and it's crazy to think otherwise.

Lots of Scrabble points, and some very nice fill…. as I said, decent.

- Horace

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