Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014, John Lieb


ANIFORANEYE (62A: Misinterpretation of a biblical code … or the key to answering 18-, 24-, 40- and 50-Across) is in the singular, but all the answers use the plural "eyes." Does it matter? I guess not. But it just seems a tad inelegant. As does starting off the grid with NTH (1A: Ultimate).

Nice little pairing of 44D: Some lose it in their teens (BABYFAT) and 59D: Some get them in their teens (ZITS), but "zits" is an ugly word.

I did unreservedly enjoy the full HUGHLAURIE (3D: "House" star) (coincidentally, we just finished watching "Stephen Fry in America" the other night, and I recommend it highly), and RAZORSHARP (29D: High-definition) (something that Fry and Laurie are, I think, though not as defined here. Except, maybe, if you're talking about costume… but then I still don't know). NEXUS (4A: Link) and NEURON (28A: Cell in a network) are also good.

The theme is fine, and there's some good stuff. OK, how about we say it was fine.

- Horace

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  1. 32:34
    Horace seems to be softening up on the Bible a bit, which is nice since it's: 1) in The Simpsons alot, and 2) unavoidable. I enjoyed the theme and puzzle just fine. I like OILY (22A Overly flattering), and starred 43A Out (ALIBI) as a tricky clue. 41D Boat in "Jaws" (ORCA) was a great clue for that often seen answer, and I, too, enjoyed the "teens" pairing as well as the NEXUS/XENON cross. One note, though: before figuring out the theme I came across 51A 1981 #1 Kim Carnes hit and was flummoxed due to the number of squares and the fact that she was a one-hit-wonder. I racked my brain (albeit briefly) for any other hit that I could have been missing, but I shortly came upon the revealer and order was restored in the world.