Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014, Peter Wentz


Kind of a boring, almost unpleasant Saturday. Lots of two-word phrases, like NICEWORK (16A: "Good going!"), UPNEXT (17A: Words before many a commercial), GOTAHEAD (58A: Succeeded), IMEANT (59: "ER … uh …"), and RECKONSO (58A: "Sounds about right"), among countless (ok, maybe there were fifteen or so more) others. We didn't know a lot of them right off - how could you, almost - but they were guessable with a cross or two. Boring.

I wanted BUMS immediately for "18D: They're often seeking change" (decent clue), but was a little surprised they actually went there. Also surprised, and annoyed, by THEWOMB (27D: Life starts in it). Seems almost political, and couldn't a case be made to say that both sperm and egg are "alive" before they get together? "It all depends on what your definition of 'is' is," right? … Blah.

Favorite clue/answer - SAM (39A: Merrie Melodies sheepdog), which Frannie got immediately. Pop Quiz - What was Wile E. Coyote's name?

I guess all I'm going to do is BLEAT and give more YOWLS, so I'll close now. I hope you enjoyed it more than we did.

- Horace


  1. About 75 mins. I liked THEWHOSELLOUT and was surprised by JIMMYSWAGGART (I had the YS in there and at first thought it would be Gladys somebody). JETSKIS was a nice answer for 35D Kawasaki products, and who doesn't like 29A Their sizes are measured in cups (BRAS), even though it was immediately obvious. I was hung up only in the SW for a little while until IMEANT and KAPLAN went in, and I just finished a Wodehouse set of stories but don't remember AUNT Dahlia from any of them. I don't know about KIDDO (45D Bud) and am unfamiliar with TEC (54D Classic Bogart role, in slang). I also thought that the clue for TSKTSK was good (41A Schoolmarmish sound) and liked 56A Boss (OVERLORD). And what about TAXFRAUD, EYESFRONT and ONTOAST (I thought Horace would like that one since he's been to many diners lately). There was quite a bit of quality fill here, IMO. NICEWORK.

  2. Around 35 minutes. The NE and SW were really hard for me. I had BUMS, but couldn't figure out UPNEXT. I took out BUMS and put in "andnow," but I wanted BANYAN... Anyway, when I finally got ____FRONT and ___FRAUD, it finally fell. The SW I hamstrung myself by putting in taMMYSWAGGART. Is she even a person? No Jimmy is married to Frances (no relation, I'm sure). I had Namesake, which was clearly wrong in more than one way, before finally figuring out Good Ol Jimmy, and NICKNAME.

    Anyway, I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. I think OVERLORD is a bit much for the clue "Boss." I agree with Huygens that TSKTSK is nice. I also liked LOWCOMEDY, although I initially wanted "slapstick." ANALOGUE is also nice. HODAD is obscure. I put THEWOMB in without a second thought, but on second thought, perhaps Horace is right that it's more than just off color.