Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014, Tracy Gray


Frannie here, late to the blogging. I did the puzzle last night, but I couldn't finish it! The NW had me stumped until I looked at it long and hard again this evening. I began with fete for 1A, before I looked at any of the down clues. I ran through gala and ball before BASH finally broke through. I didn't know 1D Brazilian state northeast of Sao Paulo (BAHIA), nor did I know 3D. Alaskan panhandle city (SITKA), although, I have heard of it. Geography is my Waterloo, if you will. As is music. I didn't know 17A 1987 Buster Poindexter hit (HOTHOTHOT) which added more confusion to the corner. I had to struggle for many of the theme answers, but they all solved in eventually.

Also, I hated 67A. Sport-___ (UTES).

More as time permits...



  1. 8:19. I did not like this puzzle. An awful large amount of names and places that are not common usage for a Tuesday. And the songs are not in my wheelhouse either (although I know the Buster Poindexter annoying thing, the excellent Bill Withers song, and the overplayed Foreigner number). I liked LASS and FELLA, as well as HEPTAGON. Otherwise, not a great Tuesday.

  2. 17:14
    This took a bit longer than most Tuesdays. I, like Colum, am familiar with HOTHOTHOT (though it's not one of my favorites). I'd never heard of ERUCT (42A Burp), though I'll remember it for future conversational usage. I thought that the theme was OK, though I, too, found some of the answers obscure, BAHIA and SITKA among them. I always like the inclusion of SKORT, though, and edgy words like IDIOT, which I used in a recent Flickr post.