Monday, December 26, 2022

Monday, December 26, 2022, Kurt Weller

Today's theme answers are common expressions that can all be read as parts of CLOCKWORK: MAKEAFACE, SWITCHGEARS, CHANGEHANDS. Although the puzzle contains only these three elements, there is probably more to it than that. :)

While I felt like I was making good time through the puzzle, I didn't even get close to the 5 minute mark today, clocking in at 6:12. A couple of items that chewed clock were "House of mirrors at a carnival, for one" - the answer was MAZE, but I started with 'ride' - "Like old-fashioned railroad crossing signs" (XSHAPED) - I wasn't expecting that initial X - and "Venom neutralizer, e.g." (ANTITOXIN) - I had to wait for the X in OXEN to point me in the right direction - but the one that almost cleaned my clock was remembering how to spell MNEMONIC. Heh. 


Two nice groupings were the COE College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa answer just above "Campus quarters" (DORM), and TRIPE at one o'clock and GRIPE at seven in the grid. I also enjoyed "Put a patch on, say" (MEND) and "97.5% of a penny" (ZINC). Fill-wise I liked BOOM, PITH, and SCRUM
Two C/APs that didn't tick any boxes for me today were Super-ULTRA, and AWOLS as a plural. 

OK, time's up. Gotta punch in. :)



  1. I was slowed down by floe in place of BERG and took a lot of crosses to know what combats snakebite other than antivenom or antidote. Slightly tough for a Monday for me too but in a good kind of way, like when I get the answer it clicks into place and makes sense. 6:56

    Totally agree about ZINC, I enjoyed that one too.

    1. Funny that FLOE showed up the next day. The clicking into place of the right answer is very satisfying. :)

  2. Frannie beat my time by seven seconds! Definitely slow for a Monday. Nothing really ELEVATES the grid, per se, except maybe for the always-welcome ROMA appearance. I guess I always like seeing the plural OXEN, although this one was clued a little too easy for my taste. I also didn't love CANE as a "Bit of Christmas candy." When will we see that clued as a punishment?