Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013, Ned White


This puzzle seemed medium challenging to me. With the start Horace had made, I was able to chip away until most of the squares were filled before quitting to get some sleep. One thing is for sure, I found FRABJOUS (34D) neither splendid, nor humorous. Also, I have never heard of BIMINI, (1D: 1935-37 home for Hemingway), but I knew BRATPACKER had to be correct, as did IONOSPHERE, and the reast of the acrosses seemed to hold water, so in it went. DAPHNE (21A: "Scooby-Doo" girl) in the NE helped me break into that corner. Three down clues (48, 49, 50) made it possible for me to break open the long acrosses in the SE. 49D: Private reply, was one of my favorites. I tend to like the question mark clues, and 45D: Reserverd bars? (INGOTS) and 41D: Make It? (TAG) entertained. I also thought, BEANANGEL (51A: Spouse's entreaty starter, perhaps) was downright hilarious. That's what Horace said to me last night as he handed me the puzzle to complete before promptly falling asleep.

- Frannie

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  1. 1:30:42
    A bit more time than you. At first I put CHILDACTOR in for 1A, but eventually got BRATPACKER. DAPHNE was the Scooby-Doo girl that we boys figured we'd at least have a chance with. I loved INGOTS and YESSIR, also. I think that your assessment, Frances, of "medium" is pretty spot on even though it took me a while longer than usual. I've had it UPTOHERE with the Saturday puzzle, though....