Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013, Julian Lim


Right off I was on this guy's side after 1A: Disgraced Armstrong (Lance). I love seeing the cheater called out. 6A: Energize, informally (AMPUP) was less good, but it kind of went along with Lance, in a way. And then we come to AFI (11A: Movie org. that created a top-100 list from which all of the puzzle's quotes come). Well! That's a long way around to this theme, and it seems hardly necessary, but with so many three-letter answers, I guess you've got to do something. That was Frannie's complaint today, "Too many short ones." Of course, nothing is ever all good or all bad. Her favorite part of the puzzle was a "three" - 41A: Digital communication, for short? (ASL) Brilliant!

Me, I liked seeing 22D: Mad magazine's Usual Gang of ____ (IDIOTS). Coincidentally, I was just reading a copy of Mad this morning, that I had gotten from my Dad, who has a subscription! Can you imagine a cooler thing for a father to have? And speaking of Mad (but definitely not Dad!), I chuckled at 49D: Baked, so to speak.

Lots of theme answers in this one, including some bonus ones like 47D: 2008 Pixar robot (WALLE), 53D: Bygone theater chain (LOEWS), and several others, not least of which the final clue 62D: The ____ [fittingly]. END. 

- Horace

p.s. I thought I'd mention that I recently had my first "crossword-related" injury. While solving in bed, very late at night and after coming home from a bar, I nodded off to sleep still holding my iPad Mini, which is housed in a rather bulky wooden case. It fell from my hands onto my forehead, and drew blood with a cut to the brow. Let that be a warning to you all! Get a nice, soft iPad case!


  1. 19:00 (Telegram's: 9:23)
    Sorry about your injury. I'll guard against sleepy paper cuts.
    Yes, lots of short ones. ASL was a great one. I was originally thinking DSL, but it didn't really make sense, and, of course, it didn't end up fitting. Good to see the movie quotes. I've seen all of the movies from which they came save the Garbo one, but I figured that out because of The Kinks. I suppose I should see that sometime that Sue's not here (she doesn't take a black-and-white).

  2. Celluloid Heroes. One of their best.