Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013, Chris A. McGlothlin


The grid looked Saturday-y, but it filled in like a Thursday. Something of a relief, actually, after last Saturday!

My favorite clue today: 28A: Character in "Unforgiven." We ended up with CAPI_ALU before finally realizing that it was one of those tricky, cryptic-type clues. Sheesh! Good one! Other fun ones included 40A: Holy smoker? (CENSER), 34D: Spirit in a sling (GIN), and 40D: Its patrons are usually kept in the dark (CINEMA). 

On the not-so-great side: NYS (35A: Gov. Cuomo's purview), DEXTRAL (37D: Right-handed), and a healthy dose of crosswordsy stuff: SSTS, OLEA, ORDO, LANI, ESAU...

A lot of it was just kind of boring. Even Cee-lo Green. When is his fifteen minutes going to be up? MAJORIN, ORDERARMS, NOSYPARKER (?), SADDLEBAG... I don't know, it just didn't do anything for me.

- Horace


  1. DNF (1:15:42)
    Well, this one stumped me. The NW, NE and SE just wouldn't fill in for me and I had a good deal of yard work to do today, so I TITT on it. I'm going to print out the Sunday puzzle now (4:56PM on Sunday) and probably won't do it until tomorrow. Sue and I are going on P8 now, then a hot tub and to bed.

  2. I'm kinda shocked that you found this one easy, Tom. I finished (I don't generally time Thursday through Saturday), but only because my guesses came through for the A and L of ALANADALE, DAUBE, and ULLA. There were several longish answers that I wouldn't think you'd know, including KRANEPOOL, KEVIN (now pitches for the Twins, so very easy for me), CEELO GREEN, and NANETTE. The UNFORGIVEN clue was tricky. I honestly didn't see it until it was completely filled in. Can't say I loved--or even really liked this one. Too much obscure stuff and too many answers that I don't think quite work. ODDMANOUT is the worst. "One who doesn't click in a clique" doesn't make any sense to me. It's a paradox, isn't it? If you are in a clique, you click by definition." Hated EXTRALARGE for "Monster." Wasn't crazy about EMU either, since regular hens produce extra-large eggs. Very little grabbed me in this one.

  3. I think it was really the combination of the two of us. I got SOBEREDUP, and CEELO GREEN (yes, I know of him), Frannie knew ALANADALE and OLIVET. Neither of us knew KRANEPOOL or KEVIN, but guessed right on the K. Didn't exactly "know" NANETTE, but "No, No, Nanette" is a known thing, so it made for a logical guess.