Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013, Matt Ginsberg


Some nice anagram work in this one! Frannie's favorite was DORMITORY/DIRTYROOM, and mine might have been SNOOZEALARMS/ALASNOMOREZS, but really, they were all pretty good.

For clever anagrams and beautiful symmetry, we are willing to grant a lot of liberty, and that's just what we did today. ORNIS (71A: Local bird life)? Blecch. MFG (95A: One of the M's of 3M: Abbr.) Blah. 44D: "How can ___ sure?" (IBE). OK, whatever. And there were other little boring bits, but like I said, we put up with them without too much complaining, because there were plenty of good non-theme entries as well.

I liked seeing ABORC (crazy-looking!) (68D: Multiple-choice choices) in there, and we were totally prepared for 48A: Mayo containers? (ANOS) after last Saturday's puzzle (3/30 Important part of mayo). 37D: Georgia neighbor was especially vexing for a while, as ALABAMA and FLORIDA both fit, but it was finally ARMENIA (!) that had to go in. 1A: Postal ID (Idaho) was brilliant! And who doesn't love seeing GENITIVE (97D: Like the word "curiae" in "amicus curiae") in a puzzle? Ahhh... Latin.

Plenty of fun clues/answers + a solid theme = an enjoyable Sunday puzzle.

- Horace


  1. This one was well done for sure. I also liked SLOWLANES for on the left in Britain. I went too fast in pen, so my puzzle looked ugly at the end.

  2. Time unknown, but not that bad, really. (I started this on the computer and failed to start the timer, assuming that it would start automatically.) What about "HEBUGSGORE"? And I was also ready for the Mayo clue! Plus, whenever I spot "Georgia" in a puzzle I always assume it's that other one past France somewhere. I finished the Sunday Worcester telegram puzzle in 52 minutes and change.