Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013, Janet R. Bender


Boring. I know Monday puzzles are supposed to be on the easy side, but this one just didn't have much zip. I got OPERATING SYSTEM (37A: Windows or Unix) without any crosses. In fact, there were very few that I needed crosses for. GEENA (32A: Oscar winner Davis) and GILDA (32D: Funny Radner) seem a little old-fashioned. As does LIEIN (50D: Pacifists' protest demonstration). Being from Boston, I don't particularly like seeing AROD in the grid, nor do I care for the religious slant of ORIGINALSIN. The somewhat hip answer FRONTS (10D: Is the lead singer of) actually feels a little out of place.

I know that I am not this puzzle's intended audience, but I have enjoyed easy puzzles before. Not this one.

- Horace

p.s. The aforementioned "Operating System" is an example showing the "system" of the theme, which is two-word phrases where the words start with S and O.


  1. 6:37
    What's wrong with ORIGINALSIN? I'd never heard of a "Lie-In" but got it quickly enough. I was surprised at the number of standard clues in this. It took me a longer time (7:23) to finish the Monday Telegram puzzle. Sheesh!

  2. Nothing's really wrong with Original Sin. I was just in a sour mood, I think. I'll try to contain myself from here on out.

  3. Yeah, definitely not much zip. I actually solved this one in just under 6 minutes. My watch read 6:00.53, but I was sitting up in the big chair in the study, and I had to reach down somewhat awkwardly to pick up and then stop the timer. For some reason I kind of like seeing OREGONSTATE and OCEANSPRAY in a puzzle, but that's about it. And, hey, I learned something: Hammond Innes wrote The Wreck of the Mary Deare.