Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013, Barry C. Silk


A decent Friday from Mr. Silk. I don't particularly love TINCT (13D: Coloring) - I've never heard anyone ever say that word - and do people from Upstate NY say CAYUGALAKE (61A: Ithaca is at its southern end)? or do they say Lake Cayuga, like normal people would? The only lake that I know where the word "lake" comes second is Crater Lake. Otherwise, it's Lake Louise, Lake Eire, Lake Titicaca, etc. Maybe I'm wrong on this, I don't know. Any upstaters care to chime in?

Other than that, though, and ILO (59D: Publisher of Work mag.), SUVA (44A: Largest city in the South Pacific), and ERIS (16A: Plutoid just beyond the Kuiper Belt), none of which I had ever heard of, there was lots of good stuff. BRUSQUE (41D: Curt), AVARICE (39D: Midas's undoing), and EISENHOWER (63A: His Secret Service code name was Providence) are all great. I've never heard of or used a BRADAWL (41A: Cousin of a screwdriver), and for the longest time, I wanted something more like "Manhattan" in there. Alas.

And speaking of the East, it was there that I bogged down this morning, and where Frannie had to pick up the torch. Luckily, she knew DAWS (33D: Crow relatives) (I was thinking "anis"), and that W gave the "awl" part.

I loved the fifth line down from the top, with the symmetrical "lulus" in the middle. Also, I learned from this a more specific definition of the word LATE (11A: Not long-departed), so that's nice.

- Horace


  1. DNF (Bobby finished this one)
    I had around a quarter of the puzzle filled in, including CAYUGALAKE. When Sue and I were in Ithaca recently, the locals referred to all of the Finger Lakes in that manner, not with "Lake" first. I knew LIGHTSECOND and ERIS. Also I was able to get LULU, WARGAME and VEGAN, but not much else (a smattering here and there). Tough puzzle for old Huygens.

  2. Glad to know about the Cayuga Lake thing. I'll double-check with Belinda next time I see her.