Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013, Ed Sessa


Another challenging Saturday, but somehow this seemed less diabolical than yesterday. There were a few gimmies, at least, like RANDALL (12D: Tony with an Emmy), and before that, even, went in ANDANTE (13D: Like many sonatas' second movements), and, of course, TREVINO (40D: The Merry Mex of golf) was a no-brainer. And after that, the long ones eventually worked themselves out. Our solve kind of went from bottom to top. SORRYFORTHEWAIT (54A: Remark after holding someone up) was the first 15 we got, and SIDEWALKARTISTS (36A: Drawers hitting the pavement) went soon after that. It was the little things that took more time today.

MIROS (5D: "Carota" and "Blue II," for two) took every cross. And the clue for the old standby ARENAS (23A: Engagement rings?) was very tricky! 49A: Ear plug? (RADIOAD) was very tough, too! We had something like "_ADI_A_" and I wanted the O for OTTO (52D: Raiders Hall-of-Famer Jim) but "_ADIOA_" just looked so awful that I started to suspect an error. Luckily, Frannie somehow worked out that whole mess while I was having my coffee. Good ol' Frannie.

It was tough, and it was fun to figure some of them out, but some of the fights ended in things like LAPDESK (3D: Clipboard's relative), NITS (7D: Trivial objections), and, sadly, NEEDERS (24D: Indigent individuals). I was thinking of saying MAKEMINEADOUBLE (32A: Strong order?) and chucking the whole puzzle under the bus, but it is saved from a mediocre review by one clue - 18D: Mad person's question (WHATMEWORRY). How can you dislike a puzzle that has that?

- Horace


  1. 51 minutes
    This seemed easy for a Saturday, and it marks the second time that I've finished all NYT puzzles in a week. There were, indeed, some tricky clues. I needed nearly every cross to get the WHATMEWORRY answer, but how great was that? I had ----M-WORRY early on, but couldn't think of what an insane person or an irate person might ask that ended with "worry." And 17A Brother's keeper? (TYPEWRITERSTAND) was brilliant. I enjoyed the "in" line (20A In thing (FAD), 21A In place (HOTSPOT) and 22A What one should take in: Abbr. (RDA)). And how about 57A War head? (ANTI)? I thought Horace would've liked that one. Anyway, I'm going to MAKEMINEADOUBLE right now. Actually, I think a martini is technically a triple, but who's counting?

  2. I absolutely loved this puzzle. I didn't time it, but I probably finished it in around an hour. I usually put little lines by the clues that I love, and this puzzle ended with ten--and I probably missed some. I too loved "Brother's keeper," "Ear plug," and "Mad person's question." Yes, the "in" line was great too. Weren't "Leaves to scrap, maybe" and "What gobs take in" terrific? How about "Backwoods agreement"? The only issue I had with this puzzle was "Blast from the passed." To me, a BEEP is not anywhere near a "blast." Beep is something that comes out of an old VW Bug.

  3. "Leaves to scrap, maybe" was very nice, and at first we had "Honk" for "Blast from the passed," which might have been a little more to your liking. I am sorry to admit that I actually missed the lovely "in" line. Thanks for pointing that out!

  4. Nice to have englishteacher59 commenting!