Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013, Victor Barocas



Kind of a nice little trick in this one! It took us over a half an hour to realize what was going on, maybe 45 minutes, but once we did, it was over in no time. We wanted JUN/IPER right away for 37A: Berry used to make gin, but it was quite a while before we saw exactly how to put it in. I mean, it seems straightforward (or, well... crooked...) now, but we weren't sure what to do with the rest of the across. Having the Downs turn into it, and creating capital cities with the parts, well, that's pretty damn cool. Plus, BOSTON gets in, which we like.

My favorite clue might have been 103D: It's been shortening for over 100 years (CRISCO). Very nice. 21A: Lump in one's throat (UVULA) didn't seem quite right, though. I mean, it's not really a lump. It's more of an appendage. "Lymph node," that can be a lump. But, of course, that didn't fit.

Hands up, who else put in "Overtures" for BARITONES (19A: Rossini's William Tell and others)? That really slowed things down in the NW. And I couldn't see the joke in 24A: Rush job? (ROCKCONCERT) until almost the entire thing was filled in. Heh. I blame it on still being a little worn out by the Saturday puzzle...

Overall, I liked this Sunday puzzle more than most Sundays. Sometimes it just seems like a chore to fill in the big grid, but this one, while definitely on the easy side (once you got the trick), was still clever enough to be fun.

- Horace


  1. I guess I'm very much in agreement with the bloggers. Very cool and very satisfying Sunday puzzle. I got the L part of the theme first, then the capitals part a short while later. Funny, I had written "iffy" next to the clue for UVULA. Loved "Rush job." Several answers brought a smile to my face, including BOSSHOGG, MACARENA, and ABUGSLIFE. Also liked the inclusion of LECARRE. I was really hoping that 2-down worked out to be "core," but, alas, it was not to be. I wish you could see my grid: so neat and clean, and I highlighted the wonderfully symmetrical capitals in orange. This was great; everything a Sunday solve should be.

  2. Yes, BOSSHOG was great. Should have mentioned that. And I put in Borg immediately where GRAF belonged. I don't remember all of his numbers. He won a ton of Wimbledons, right? But maybe the hardcourt is where McEnroe beat him? And did he win any clay at all? ... Anyway, I know even less about Graf's specifics, but it had to be one or the other. Ashe for sure didn't win five.

  3. Oh, and yes, "core" would have been fantastic. Huygens would have been beside himself!

  4. Hmm.. I see now that I was half-commenting about the Saturday puzzle here. That's what happens when you write three reviews in one day, and are, perhaps, over-tired and up too late... Bt anyway, I looked up Borg now. He was, in fact, very successful on clay, and he never won any US Opens. But I doubt I'm telling you anything you didn't know.

  5. 1:31:51
    It took me a while to figure out the trick on this one (around 50 minutes) but once that happened I was able to move right along. I actually did think of "core" for 2D. I enjoyed the mention of GALAPAGOS and also liked seeing 49D Blue flick (NUDIE) in there. I didn't think of the band at all for 24A Rush job?, but due to the question mark I was thinking that maybe it had something to do with Rush Limbaugh.