Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013, Josh Knapp


I like this one more and more as I review it. It pushed back at me during the whole solve, but it was a satisfying struggle. Loved the pair of "fall" clues - 12D: It opens during the fall (PARACHUTE) and 67A: Fall fallout, some believe (ORIGINALSIN). And many of the other 11s were good as well. KINGSRANSOM (17A: Fortune), JACKSQUAT (14D: Nada), BLOCKADES (13D: Some trade barriers) (very nice!), and the wonderful MAGINOTLINE (63A: W.W. II defense). And that's just a sampling. There were many more clever entries. 23A: Hudson River school? was nicely deceptive, especially for one who has taken art history, but are there really any SHADS still in that river? Didn't GE pollute it back into the stone age?

For a while I wanted "A pos." for 61A: Many a donor, in brief, but although I didn't remember exactly what it was, I knew that the "54D: Sporty Lotus model" was a woman's name, and "_pise" didn't look very good. And speaking of that quadrant, is OMEGA used in some kind of math as a 52A: Resistance figure? I suppose I could ask someone from the 3D: Quick set. HAH! Those morons.... Oh, and speaking of morons, I've never heard YOS used to mean "5D: His, modern-style?" Who says that? [But wait! It's not possessive, it's plural! Hi! = Yo! ... very nice!]

This is the fifth puzzle we've reviewed by Mr. Knapp, all of them Thursday or later. He's always challenging, but fair, and I think this is my favorite one of his yet. I look forward to the next!

- Horace


  1. 41:05. Pretty good puzzle, but I like to struggle for longer than 41 minutes on a Saturday. I did also especially enjoy PARACHUTES and KINGSRANSOM. Also liked TOGAPARTY for "Wrap session." GAOL cluing was nice. "Short agreement" answer brought a chuckle. Loved the stack of TICKS, SHAQ, and KUDU.

  2. I found this to be easier than the Friday puzzle, but I admit that I had Sue take a look at it at one point because I was in a bit of a pickle with the NW. I had –IN---ANSOM and Sue looked at it and said “King’s Ransom! How could you not see that?” Well, that happens sometimes. So from there she also said 4D MYGOD and handed it back to me. It was finished a minute later. Lots of nice stuff in here, and isn’t JIMMYFALLON the star of THELATELATESHOW (Friday’s puzzle)? I liked seeing JACKSQUAT and thought that 12D It opens during the fall (PARACHUTE) was a great clue/answer. I’d heard of MAGINOT, but thought it was “way,” so it took a little while to get LINE in there. The omega is the symbol used for ohm in electrical notation. I kept trying to fit "OHM--" in there, but it didn't work out.

  3. Sounds like this is the beginning of something big. If she's able to help out in such a big way on Saturday, well, there'll be no stopping her once she starts looking at the rest of the week. It's always nice to work on a puzzle that's already been started. Maybe try what we do, and make one pass through the Acrosses and the Downs, and then hand it over.

    And I think Craig Ferguson does the Late Late Show. Or he did somewhat recently. Maybe it's that British guy now. Fallon might have had it at one time, but now I think he's in an earlier slot.

  4. Ferguson IS that British guy. He's very funny and irreverent. I don't catch him often unfortunately.

  5. Ahh... right. He IS funny. But we don't see him much either. Obviously.