Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Lynn Lempel


Maybe it's just that I'm on vacation, but the first two puzzles this week have seemed unusually difficult. Not "difficult" difficult, mind you, but trickier than usual for early-week. Who didn't put "Fox" in for 1A: Aesop animal (ASS), for example? And I put "Sealy" in for SERTA (14A: Mattress giant), but I'm not going to claim that everyone did that. Or that you put in "North" for UNION (48A: Confederacy foe).

I liked the theme today. Cleptomania is always funny. COPCARS (39A: Make off with some vehicles?) might have been my favorite, but PINCHPENNIES (50A: Make off with some cash?) was also nice.

Is YAKIMA (46A: Washington city in apple-growing country) also the place that they make those bike racks? I've gone with Thule, but I see those Yakima ones around.

There are some words today that I'm getting tired of seeing, like ARENA, INCA, SASS, and ELBA, but really, there wasn't much that was truly terrible.

Now, back to sitting around doing nothing!

- Horace

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  1. 11:53
    I quite enjoyed today’s theme. LIFTWEIGHTS was great, as was PINCHPENNIES. Who wouldn’t know TOTO, though, and 21A Give ___ whirl (ITA) seems like a gimme. Anyway, I’ve decided to tackle all puzzles but the Friday and Saturday ones while I’m up here.