Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016, Gary Cee


A very APPEALING puzzle for a Monday, that played hard for this early. It's all those sections of chunky words in the corners. And when I didn't get 1A: Bills and coins (CASH) [I'll give it a C+], it took a little longer than expected. My first entry I believed in was ION, but having put in Swarm in for STING, I had to move on. Fortunately SAGA and STAN soon put me right.

So. Four fruits or vegetables you can peel, in standard phrases. All of the phrases are solid, and the revealer is cute. But I'm a big fan of the fill in this puzzle, which is impressive given the five theme answers.

1D: Like rock music from the 1950s-'70s, now (CLASSIC) is fine, although I think most of the radio stations that specialize in this music include 1980s music as well, such as U2, The Police, REM. We used to consider that stuff alternative. I personally am working on my STAMINA as I train for sprint triathlon.

AMINOR and VIOLIN are symmetrically placed, which is nice, considering how common the key is for stringed instruments. There's a Bach violin concerto, as well as the wonderful Dvorak violin concerto. Also, Brahms' double concerto for violin and cello. His last symphonic work! Ahhhh... Brahms. I could listen to his music all day. And I have.

BAREBONES is  great. And 40D: Bring home the bacon, so to speak (PROVIDE) is good, because bacon, am I right? Although I don't think the clue really needs that "so to speak".

Anyway, I enjoyed it.

- Colum


  1. 4:09
    "She's real fine my 4:09..." I probably should have been in the threes today, as I fumbled around with the keyboard and had to correct several typos as I went along. Got CASH and SLAPS immediately, then went back and worked the Downs and away I went. As usual, I had no idea what the theme was, and immediately skipped over the revealer when I came to it because I didn't want to take any time to try to figure it out.

    I, too, enjoyed this one. IMPINGE, SIMIAN, OCTAGON, VENAL, AMERICA - all good.

    When is that sprint tri, anyway? How are you feeling? Prepared? The ACPT starts Friday, and Frannie and I are getting excited. She just had a little email exchange with Will Shortz this past weekend and now she's acting like they're old friends. :) Anyway, we'll be reporting live from the scene!

    1. I am missing the first tri because it's the day after we get back from France. I'll be doing one on Father's Day, and another in July. It's too bad I can't get to the ACPT this year... maybe when there are no more kids in the house.

    2. If you see me there, come and bother me. Always like to meet people there :).

    3. Howard - I see a "Howard B." on the list of attendees for the Cru Dinner tomorrow night. If that's you (and probably even if it isn't) I will be sure to introduce myself.

  2. 6:29
    Yeah, Shemp. He gets a bad rap from people, but I always liked him. I mean, c'mon...Curly was a tough act to follow (and lead, for a little bit). Nice stuff in here, including GLASSONION, clued properly, I might add. This puzzle went APACE for me, with little PAP. You wouldn't know it, looking at your two times, but I had the PEDAL to the metal. Nice pairing of APE and SIMIAN, too.