Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday, May 20, 2017, Paolo Pasco and David Steinberg

13:58 (FWOE)

You got your Pasco on my Steinberg!

You got your Steinberg in my Pasco!

Two great tastes that taste great together!!!

I was definitely excited to see two of my favorite crossword crafters working on a single grid, and I think the result lives up to expectations. Look at those two trios of 11-letter answers, and all of the nice 7- and 8-letter answers that cross them.

I broke into the grid with 7D: "That's cheating!" (NOFAIR), but could get no traction from it. Instead I really got going with VJS and VERIZON. I liked the answers JOYRIDE and SNEEZED, but something seemed just slightly off on both of their jokey clues. No matter, I rejoiced in AZIZ Ansari's presence. We just started watching season 2 of Master of None - he's a strange fellow in many ways, but he makes an outstanding show.

Then you get FACESWAP, a nice contemporary touch. It led me down into the SE section. My one error came here: I entered THEDUdE fairly confidently. Even though there's a cowboy in that movie, you'd be hard pressed to call The Great Lebowski a "Western legend". John Wayne, though... Anyway, I had a hard time deciding whether the author would be ALICEWeLdER or ALICEWALdER.

Anyway, how great is the stack here? 67A: Metric for gauging female representation in works of fiction (BECHDELTEST) was a gimme. I love Alison Bechdel's graphic novel memoirs, the first of which, Fun Home, has recently become a hit Broadway musical as well. If you haven't read that and Are You My Mother?, go out and read them immediately. Wonderful stuff.
After filling this section in, I was stuck coming out of it, but found entry again with AESOP and the very silly CSHARP. With that terminal ___AC, SAZERAC came to mind, and I was able to crack the NW. 1A: Part of a modern circuit (SILICONCHIP) gets a B+. It's not nearly as good as AVOCADOROLL and the best clue answer pairing in the puzzle, 17A: Regional coverage plan? (ZONEDEFENSE). That's good stuff.

Finally, I figured out 39D: Bunny picker-upper? (DUSTMOP), and made it through the rest of that SW corner. I'd wanted that answer to be "tow-line" or "tow-rope", for the ski reference, but the other kind of bunny's funny as well.

- Colum


  1. 32:31 (FWOE)

    I got you by a few seconds yesterday, but you more than made up for that today! My error came over in DIREWOLF, which I had never heard before. I know it was at the cross with PROW, but I can no longer remember what I guessed there. Definitely wasn't thinking nautically.

    Being a drinking photographer helped a lot in the NW, where I dropped in SAZERAC and RIIS immediately, and I thought things were going to fly right along.. but BAHIA and AIRACES in the opposite corner were the death of me. (And being something of a Luddite, I had never heard of FACESWAP!)

    A few clues didn't seem quite perfect, as you mention, and there were some pretty obscure entries (ODETS, BAHIA, SOREL, BECHDELTEST) but hey, it's Saturday, and all's fair.

  2. 29:09 (FWOE)
    AIRACES/DAB, where I'd entered an "i" because a bit of space ice could probably make a shooting star, no? Anyway, the rest went fine, and pretty quickly for a Saturday. NOFAIR is where I broke in, too. I never heard of BECHDELTEST, but all crosses were fair, and I wanted "hop" at the end of DUSTMOP, but slowly figured that one out. IVORIES is good.