Friday, September 22, 2023

Friday, September 22, 2023, Rafael Musa and Michael Lieberman

I should probably throw in the towel. I FWOEd on YOUHADONEJOB ("All I asked for was that simple thing!"), and it seems oh so appropriate because yesterday I missed a really important and beautiful element of the puzzle - that all the "migrating" parts of the words that dropped down in the grid were birds! How could I miss that? Instead I tried to add an element that totally wasn't there - that of the bent words looking like geese? They didn't even! Why am I even doing this? I am a PSEUDO-blogger. I know this stuff isn't LIFEORDEATH, but I really ought to be thrashed about the head with a POOLNOODLE. OK. ENDOFRANT

In happier news, I enjoyed seeing CARROTCAKE in the grid, but now I can't wait for my birthday to come around again, because that's what I always ask for. And I'm currently in a Latin class, so I was racking my brain for a story about a race or beauty contest where Apollo figured prominently, but they were talking about rockets! Hah.

OXYMORONIC (Like tough love?) is always fun (military intelligence, civil war, unbiased opinion), and FRANCE (Country described in "One can't impose unity out of the blue on a country that has 265 different kinds of cheese") was a gimme. As was JAMESJOYCE (Irish novelist celebrated on Bloomsday (June 16)). 

I am one of those "Givers of priceless gifts" (ORGANDONORS), or, that is to say, I one day will be. Hopefully not too soon, POR favor. And my friend ORS had a company called ORYX once. He's one or two companies beyond that now.

I don't know. This one seemed a mix of easy and hard for me. How's that for hard-hitting, insightful blogging? 

- Horace


  1. Oh, no! Never give it up, Horace. It's so worth it to see your rants. I enjoyed this puzzle a ton. Loved OXYMORONIC, TOOBIGTOFAIL, and YOUHADONEJOB. And of course, lovely BABAR. Not at all imperialistic or colonialization tinged. Nope.

    1. Agree! Horace, I also missed the avian nature of those Down components, and I too am a blogger. A novice one, but nevertheless.
      I remember listening to Babar records as a kid. There was one track in particular that involved evil rhinoceroses. I cringe, looking back, at what that was thinly veiling.

  2. You're a fine blogger, Horace o' mine! I really enjoyed this puzzle, too. Nice 'n smooth, with terrific cluing. Didn't know BUD ICE, but the crossings were kind. Ditto with ANDOR. Really nice time.