Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Wednesday, September 27, 2023, Scott Koenig

Well, dear Readers, there are wheelhouses, and then there are wheelhouses. Today's grid contents couldn't be more relevant to my interests. Imagine my surprise when the entry COLORLESS was followed, in short order, by GREEN (clued with a nice cross ref to Wordle!), and then by IDEAS and SLEEP. At that point, I scanned ahead to find the final word in this famously correctly formed yet NONSENSICAL sentence: FURIOUSLY. It showed up at 61A the clue of which held the revealer that brought all the theme elements together, including the author of the sentence, NOAMCHOMSKY

Other ROIs for this solver included favorite poet OGDEN Nash, the BBC, computer keys (ESC), and when I got to the two clues that reference the Simpsons, I says to myself, I says, "this puzzle is BOLEYN strikes!"

This is relevant to my interests

Other clues that were up my alley included ICED for "Did in", "Butte, but bigger" (MESA), "Object of wishful thinking?" (GENIE - also a possible tangential theme answer, if a bit of a stretch?), and "One guilty of disorderly conduct?" SLOB - ha! This puzzler couldn't agree more that doomscrolling is a TIMESUCK. OTOH, I do enjoy FINSTA as a word and concept. MULL, PROD, and DIMPLES are fun fill.

With all of the above going for it, I couldn't KELP but like this puzzle. 


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