Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tuesday, September 26, 2023, Shannon Rapp and Rebecca Goldstein

A network of fun FOODWEB theme answers today that satisfyingly combine food and Internet terms with delicious results like SPAGHETTICODE and HAMBURGERMENU. As a satisfying accompaniment we get a smorgasbord of ancillary theme material including CHOP, Penne ALLA vodka, FAT, CURES, MOLE, TEAS, THAWS, FLAX, and JAM. There were two excellent C/APs that also fit this category, IMHO: "Got better with time" (AGED) and "Places to see the romaines of the day?" (SALADBARS) - ha! 

At 55D ("Word with sugar or sport"), I very much enjoyed how the seemingly disparate clue words, sugar and sport, are nevertheless brought together under one semantic covering, if you will, by the answer COAT. NEATO!

46A: Mercator projection, e.g. (MAP)

Non-food C/APs that contributed to the pleasant ambiance of this fine dining experience were "Band leader's direction" (HITIT) and "You want to make something of it?" (ORE). Fill-wise, I liked both HADAHUNCH and OHSPAREME

Excusez-MOI, but on a Wordle side note (possible spoiler alert): I used SOLAR as my start word today with excellent results. :)

All this talk about food has made me suddenly come over all peckish. I think I'll go get myself a JAVAUPDATE...



  1. Now we're all 'ungry-loike. I enjoyed this puzzle, and now I'm off to do the Wordle. (Thanks, Frannie!)

  2. Romaines of the day was one of my favorite clues ever.