Friday, February 2, 2024

Friday, February 2, 2024, Ryan Judge

When will I learn to leave the middle letter of DOH or "duh" blank? I put in the latter this time, and didn't catch the misspelling of TUCSON until after completing the grid. That would have been points down the drain at the ACPT! Which, sadly, I will have to miss this year.

Meanwhile, the rest of the puzzle is in a lovely pinwheel shape, with loads of chunky white-squared regions in the corners. I first tried "enough" at 1D: Line from one who's fully fed ... or fully fed up (IMDONE). I guess it's not that surprising that there would be more than one answer that works there, but I love the clue. The Isle of ELY helped me correct it, as did the NATS.

It's a very nice set of three answers there, INECSTASY (I always love the spelling of that word), 15A: Solo act? (MONOLOGUE), and the famous DRMARTENS with their yellow stitching. Not Docmarten, for those who were wondering.

The SUN made 8D: Rationale for "throwing good money after bad" easy to get. I love how SUNKCOSTFALLACY fits so nicely into the grid. It crosses another excellent grid-spanner, BELLYOFTHEBEAST

LOTUS Temple

In the SW, 33D: One way to make cookie dough? (BAKESALE) is guffaw-worthy. And 35D: Flop (LAYANEGG) is excellent as well. 

I don't know if ICEARENAS are really a thing. I'd call them "skating rinks," myself, but perhaps our fellow blogger from our northern neighbors has an opinion. MYSHARONA on the other hand is definitely a thing.

Finally, in the NE corner, METADATA and PLUSONES are good, but I had to take a second to reparse SESAMEST. That's Big Bird's home, Sesame Street. I've never seen it like that in the puzzle, but I like it.

- Colum


  1. RINKS. They're called RINKS. The 'ICE' is redundant.

  2. Never heard of ICE ARENAS. And the DOH vs. DUH thing? I always thought DOH was a Homer Simpson exclamation, while DUH meant "I did something stupid"...but the dictionary accepts both to mean the latter. Loved the clues for BAKE SALE and RAINY DAYS.