Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday, February 25, 2024, Scott Hogan and Katie Hale


What's that you say? A doctor related theme for my Sunday start to the week? What fun! 

Wait... no neurology joke? I'm out.

Just kidding. Hi, everybody! It's your favorite Neurologist practicing in north New Jersey who writes blog reviews for this particular NYT crossword review site, taking over for Philbo after an excellent week. Mind you, he's off on vacation to the sunny (I hope) Caribbean, so he probably won't see this shout-out. 

In any case, today, we get standard idioms punnily related to visiting different medical specialists. Thus, the cardiologist DIDNTMISSABEAT, the dermatologist MADEARASHDECISION, and so on. My favorite by far was saved for last, where the podiatrist helped the patient to STANDCORRECTED. Hah! Good stuff. If you like puns, that is. And I do.

EMMY Noether

This puzzle went by quickly, overall. I had very few places where I was really stuck for long. So, with that smoothness in mind, I have a few clues and answers to call out.

I've noticed a trend in clues towards manipulation of the letters in the answer, as in 67D: Man's name that becomes a distance if you move the first letter to the end (EMIL) - becomes "mile." Also, 110A: Rude ... or, without its first two letters, rude person (CRASS) - becomes "ass." Interesting way to make a relatively uninteresting answer more fun.

Speaking of asses, how about 57A: Sorry ass? (EEYORE). Nice. Even better is the non-QMC at 96A: Professional who works a lot (VALET). Indeed they do. I also liked 44D: It's involved in kissing and telling (LIP).

What do people think of 48D: Hint to the number of ingredients in Triscuit (TRI). I mean... it's right there in the clue. Can we do this for "Hint to the number of wheels in a tricycle?" Or, "Hint to the number of different sports in a triathlon?" Or "Hint to the number of people who can ride on a bicycle built for two?" Answer: "two." Hmmmm. I'm not convinced.

Otherwise, a fun puzzle. 

- Colum

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