Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Wednesday, February 7, 2024, Daniel Mauer

Stuttered lyrics are ETERNE, apparently, and this grid celebrates four exemplars:

LALALALALOLA (Refrain in a 1970 hit by the Kinks)
CHCHCHCHCHANGES (Refrain in a 1971 hit by David Bowie
MYGGGGENERATION (Refrain in a 1965 hit by the Who)
PPPPOKERFACE (Refrain in a 2008 hit by Lady Gaga)

Only one was released during the IPOD era (Tech product officially discontinued in 2022), and in the first half of said era at that. All of these are instantly recognizable to me, but then, I am quite old now. Would a Millenial know all of the first three? I don't know. If we have any younger readers, perhaps they can chime in.


How about that clue for YAM (Crop revered by the Abelam people of Papua New Guinea)? Seems oddly specific and esoteric. But cool. Fine. Revere away. 

The long Downs of FLYINGSOLO (Going it alone) and HEMOGLOBIN (Substance that makes blood red) were good. HERVE (Actor ____ Villechaize of "Fantasy Island") must have prompted a few questions about whether or not his name was still commonly known, but I suppose when the theme is steeped in Classic Rock, you figure "what the heck." Why not throw in a Frasier reference too, for good measure (LILITH (Frasier's ex-wife on "Frasier")). But hey, I'd better keep my mouth shut. If all the references start being pulled from the last ten or fifteen years I am going to be aged right out of the crossword game. So... hey, great puzzle! :)

- Horace


  1. Horace, I wish more people read this blog because your entry for today is an absolute gem! As was the crossword - very fun and, like you, I didn't mind the generational references one bit.