Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Wednesday, February 28, 2024, Greg Snitkin

Hee hee, what a fun theme today for a silly Wednesday. Three long across answers with no obvious connection, brought together by the revealer for a perfect "aha" moment. I love having my mind turned around by the craziness of language.

53A: The main takeaway ... or, when considered in three different senses, a description of 20-, 33- and 41-Across (WHATITSALLABOUT) is the revealer. And to explain each case, I will put on my explainer hat. 

COMPUTERSYSTEMS are what I.T. is all about. A SCARYCLOWN is what "It" is all about. And of course, when you do the HOKEYPOKEY, "that's what it's all about!" So that was a lot of fun.

We take a break from our regularly scheduled Emma programming to show you DAINTY food

Has anyone watched the new live action version of AVATAR, the Last Airbender? I watched the entirety of the animated series with the family during the early days of the pandemic, and loved it. I almost don't even want to try the new version, but probably will.

How about 2D: Allergic reaction (ACHOO)? Hah! I put in "hives" first, but took it out immediately because HOP was obviously correct. Took me a while to figure that one out. I also liked 19A: Hell of a guy? (SATAN) - unexpected. 

There were a lot of names in the first half of the puzzle, which slowed me down. ICET, PONTIAC, BREES (not so hard for this football fan), LOLA, MARADONA, LEON (never even heard of this fella). Also ELSA! Who remembers Captain von Trapp's almost bride? Not when fresh-faced Maria is singing the curtains off the windows. What ANTICS.

Well, I'll stop being a TALKAHOLIC now. On to The Turn!

- Colum

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