Sunday, February 11, 2024

Sunday, February 11, 2024, Peter Koetters

A tribute to THOMASALVA Edison's productions today. There's the MIMEOGRAPH, the MOVIECAMERA, MICROPHONE, PHONOGRAPHSPIRITPHONE (ummm...), the STOCKTICKER, the POWERPLANT, and the central light bulb, which is represented in the grid art. In all, a very small percentage of his 1,093 patented INVENTIONS


In order to make the light bulb shape, the center is fully isolated, and that fact, and the decision to make the letters of EDISON into the filament (I guess) of the lightbulb - the source of light, of inspiration, as it were - must have made filling that fully open area very challenging. The slight oddness of SIDENOTES (Tangential remarks), NODULAR (Having knobby bumps), and AMORAL (Ethically indifferent) made it slightly more difficult to solve.

The presence of OSHA in this grid made me wonder how the "Org. that sets worker exposure limits" would have viewed the Model T assembly line. Also tangential to the theme is ERNO (Rubik with a cube). Would Edison have viewed him as an equal in the inventor world? And what about PITCHMEN (Guys in commercials)? Did Edison need such tactics to sell his stuff? 

Some unusual entries - GAMELAN (Traditional Indonesian percussion orchestra), UIES (180s) (I prefer "ueys" for some reason), ASHCAN (Metal receptacle by a fireplace) (Sure, maybe in Edison's time), and REPINE (Feel discontented) - but it is a tribute puzzle, after all. 

- Horace

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  1. I love this puzzle. It's fun, easy for me, and the light bulb makes me smile. Fascinating man, TAE.