Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Wednesday, February 14, 2024, Ella Dershowitz

The shaded squares that appear in each corner of today's puzzle grid shape the letters L O V E - or, quite literally, LOVELETTERS ("Valentine's Day exchanges ... or what this puzzle's shaded areas are?"). To add to the love fest, the letters in the shaded squares spell words of affection: ROMANCE, FONDNESS, PASSION, RESPECT. What could be more apt on this day devoted to love? Apt!

Other C/APs I hearted today include "Word with sock or duck" (ODD), "Audacity" (NERVE), and HANDIN for "Submit." The paired parallel beer clues in the top section, one Italian (PERONI) and one Mexican (CORONA), also attracted my attention. Fill-wise, I enjoyed APLOMB, ASYLUM, RAPANUI, and ENSUITE.


The flip side of this love-ly grid - is that filling it with ASMUCH theme material as this also produced a bouquet of acronyms and abbreviations, especially obvious across the bottom row: GIS, HSN, SYS, and ORS. It's like a box of assorted chocolates when the lemon cremes and the cherry cordials remain after the almond clusters and toffees are all gone. :)

Love to all our dear Readers.


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