Saturday, March 16, 2024

March 16, 2024, Carly Schuna

A marginally longer solve this week for Saturday than Friday, as is traditional, but I still completed the puzzle in under 30 minutes (26:10). The clever ambiguity of many C/APs today initially led me down the wrong path. There were great ones in both the QMC and non-QMC categories today including:

"Fluffy toy, familiarly" (POM) - I was thinking Furby or some such.
"Without a compass, say" (AMORAL) - I was a bit at sea on this one
"Metal worker's union" (SOLDER) - oh, *that* kind of union :)
And how about "Took the lead?" (ERASED) - ha! I was off the mark for a long time on this one.

Other QMC's of note were "Small bit of mint?" (DIME) and "Dog park?" for FOOTREST. In the latter case, I immediately twigged to the answer category, but it took me a few crosses to get to the actual answer. 

Activated platelet (center)

I enjoyed the top corner C/AP's "Word of elaboration" (ALSO) and "Elaborate" (ADD). I also liked "Settle" for PAY, and both the clue "Wallop" and answer PASTE. For some reason, the answer CAGE for "'National Treasure'" star made me LOL. Interesting bit about Google displaying results at an angle when ASKEW is searched. I have got to check that out for myself when I am next online (I am currently hurtling westward in a car). [Update: Results *are" askew! It's a little freaky, but cool]. I was not so keen on "Alveoli, e.g." (SACS) and WETS, but maybe that's just me. There was a great supporting cast of fine fill like AMBLE, DEEPFAKE, DEBUNK, PRONTO, MELODIC, and STROPHE.

I fear my career as the world's next great detective has suffered a blow. Despite looking under the puzzle's info button every day for the name of the constructor to begin the review, I noticed only today that the puzzle's editor by-line changed from Will Shortz to Joe Fagliano. I went back and looked at the week's earlier puzzles and noticed that it's been Mr. Fagliano since Thursday. I turned to Google and found a brief NPR piece about Mr. Shortz having some recent health issues. I'm sure I can speak for all of us here at HAFDTNYTCPFCA-ANAP in wishing Mr. Shortz a speedy recovery. 


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