Monday, April 8, 2024

Monday, April 8, 2024, Peter Gordon

Well, dear Reader, here's another review from the road. Horace and I are driving north, chasing today's TOTALECLIPSE. If we had know about it in advance, we could have benefitted from the puzzle's topical play list (MOONSHADOW, INTOTHENIGHT, STARINGATTHESUN, TOTALECLIPSE OFTHEHEART) to cheer us along. Right now, the TENOR of the mood in the car is vexation as we slog along with a million other cars on a road designed for only 10,000. 

With very little in the clues to obscure the answers, the solve was smooth and easy enough (unlike this drive we are on) to have maybe allowed me to break the five minute barrier, but after a weekend of scrambling to finish seven puzzles each in a limited amount of time at the ACPT, I decided not to rush through this one and finished in 6:32. I don't usually obsess about solve times, but after the Tournament champ solved a Saturday level puzzle faster than I solved a typical Monday puzzle, it's hard not to. 

In addition to a LOTTO theme material, I enjoyed "Witty reply to 'You'e the kind of person who asks too many questions" (AMI), "They may be liberal" (ARTS) and "Shown to the door" (SEENOUT) - we've all been there. :)

Fill-wise, BRISKETS, URSINE, KNISH, SIPHON, and ESCHEW were bright spots. And who doesn't like a NERD?

Fingers crossed for a good view today of the sun's RAYS as they TARRY behind the MOONSHADOW.


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