Thursday, April 4, 2024

Thursday, April 4, 2024, Kevin Curry

As James Thurber once said, "One MARTINI is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough."

Today's NYTX is a celebration of that ELIXIROFQUIETUDE, the MARTINI. One part VERMOUTH, five parts GIN, and an OLIVE. Classic. And it's got lovely grid art to boot. (And as a bonus, you can see my last letter!) I stir mine, but suum cuique. Bond can have his SHAKENNOTSTIRRED.

It all makes me look forward to being in Stamford this weekend, where, hopefully, I will enjoy a MARTINI with my esteemed co-blogger Philbo. Perhaps I'll bring one into the ballroom for Puzzle Five. ... sigh... No. I'll be positive. Maybe this is the year I finish it within the time limit! :)

Not that this puzzle needs anything more than this wonderful theme, but I will just mention a few other things. MYALGIC (Having muscle pain) is a ten-cent word if I ever saw one. And the clue for RAGTIME, above that, was excellent (What Scott Joplin might yell after a spill?). LOL. 

I was sidetracked briefly by guessing Brush instead of BERET for "Accessory in many Rembrandt self-portraits," but LEO Durocher fixed that fast. And I chuckled at the answer to "Alternative to an energy drink, perhaps" (NAP). Hah!

OK, is that enough? Now I guess I just have to wait around until noon...

- Horace

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