Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday, April 7, 2024, Tracy Gray


Greetings, all. A cute little theme of doubled letters standing in for the word they sound like. As in [UU]ITORLOSEIT (Fitness enthusiast's mantra) and AWORDTOTHE[YY] (Start of some cautionary advice). And in the Downs, the doubled letters worked individually, as in AREYO[UU]P (Still awake?) and ARCTI[CC]IRCLE (Where to see the midnight sun). 


Now listen, CINC (POTUS's military title) is not an abbreviation for "commander in chief." It just isn't. 

OK, ok, maybe I'm still a little bit testy after totally flunking the Puzzle Five test that was handed out yesterday. Sorry, Ms. Gray. I definitely blame Joel. :P

On the bright side we have HOTTIE (Real looker), "Hip sport for a drink?" (FLASK), "The one who got away?" (ESCAPEE), "Rubs the rite way?" (ANOINTS), and "Where the buck might stop?" (DOE). Guffaw.

I hadn't heard of a STAYMAN (Apple variety whose name sounds like part of a flower), a WAVESKI (Surfboard/kayak hybrid), or a TEACU[PP]OODLE (shudder).

OK, sorry so short, but I gotta get back over to the Marriott to see the final!



  1. A fun concept, and well carried out, IMO. I like that the across answers had the sounded out double letters, while the down answers they were just the two letters in a row. Hope everybody had a great time at the ACPT!

  2. I really enjoyed it! For the reasons Colum noted and others. Yay, Tracy! Hope you had a wonderful time -- how cool that Will came!