Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013, Bruce Sutphin and Doug Peterson


Strong puzzle! Lots of great tens! Really, every one of them was solid, but my favorites might have to be GOTHAMCITY (26D: Penguin's habitat?) (Lovely hidden capital!), GUILLOTINE (50A: "A Tale of Two Cities" ender?) (Harsh!), and INSTAMATIC (1A: Old easy-to-load shooter). APPLETINIS (13D: Cosmo alternative), was also nice.

For all the great long stuff, I suppose you can't get away from at least a couple things like REWOVE (24A: Fixed a broken web link?) (but we give them credit for trying to spice up the clue), and REOIL (38A: Keep the squeaking out of, say), but really, it's a very solid grid. Lots of foreign language stuff like ESSE, SITU, STES, APRES, MOLTO and SENORITA, all pretty cleverly clued. They could have done something with SPECK, too, to get out of the Romance languages a bit...

Sometimes I wonder what the Alou family thinks of their crossword puzzle fame. They must be aware of it, right? Anyway, it was nice to see the nephew today, MOISES.

Not much to say, really, except that it was a good Saturday puzzle.

- Horace

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  1. DNF (worked for 1:02:57)
    I ended up having too much trouble with three squares in the NE. Other than that I filled it in without much trouble, even MOISES. I liked PARALLEL and DOORTODOOR. A good puzzle, even though I couldn't finish it.