Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013, Alex Vratsanos and Jef Chen



It is somewhat unusual for the pattern in a crossword to have anything to do with the puzzle, but here we have an M on the top of the grid and a W on the bottom, and what do you know, all the theme answers are two-word phrases, starting with M and W. And of those answers, MAKINGWHOOPEE (52D: Euphemism used often on "The Newlywed Game") might be my favorite. I looked up the phrase, because I thought it might sometimes be spelled with an "IE" at the end, but that spelling seems to be reserved for "Whoopie Pies," and the double E is used for the phrase. Interesting. To me, anyway. 58D: Money raised by members of Congress? (MINIMUMWAGE) was a nice, tricky clue.

Make Way for Frannie. I liked the theme/gimmick for being non-intrusive. Horace started the puzzle, then turned it over to me. I didn't know the title and I didn't see the shapes, but that didn't slow me down. I went through the puzzle like a hot knife through butter. There were a few poor entries (110A Certain singers (ALTI) was no prize), but overall the fill was clear, easy and fun. I enjoyed many of the clues with question marks like 28A Opening words? (SAYAH) and  38D Still dripping? (BOOZE). Also, "64A Piece longer than its name suggests" elicited a chuckle. I guess the puzzle crafters and I have Matching Wits. :)

- Horace & Frannie


  1. Broke in with MIRACLEWORKER, and things moved pretty quickly from there. An awful lot of three letter answers, part and parcel of the constraints placed by the M and the W, but some very nice long answers as well, including WENTROGUE, INECSTASY, and the enjoyable pair of "Where one might be in the hot seat?" clues (ROAST and STEAMBATH). Did not like the use of MMI for the year the iPod came out. Why the Roman numerals? Otherwise, overall a fun time.

  2. Good call, Colum, on the "hot seat" pair. I enjoyed those as well. And I agree about the oddness of the Roman numerals.

  3. 1:37:28
    BOOZE took me awhile, as did SAYAH. I enjoyed the theme, but didn't notice the M and W in the puzzle, which is very nice. This one took a bit longer than a Sunday offering normally takes for me, but at least I finished, which I can't say about Friday, June 28 just yet (still working).

    BTW, I like the fact that we don't have to type in security letters in order to post any more.